A Little South of Sanity

1 April
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So, it's come to my attention that I lack a suitable profile. I've really meant to change that for quite a while, but I've never really gotten around to it.

Though I was born 27 years ago, 6000 miles from the armpit of the frozen north I call home, I couldn't imagine living anywhere other than Minnesota. I am probably the most stereotypical Minnesotan ever in the sense that I live and breathe hockey to a nearly unhealthy level, I dig hotdish (yes, "hotdish" and not "casserole"), and I end nearly every sentence with a punctuated "Eh." Well, I suppose that's more Canadian, but I'm from way up in Northern Minnesota. I go across a lake and I'm in Canada.

About me: I guess you could call me a bit of a thrill seeker. I tend to leap well before I look, and thinking about how bad of an idea it might be to snowboard off a two story roof? *snorts* Why would I do that? Flying down the overhang looks like fun! Honestly, my parents are amazed I've made it this long without killing myself. I take very little seriously outside my job, and I don't tend to take much personally either. It takes a lot to truly piss me off, so I suppose that's a good thing.

I've loved fan fiction for a long time, mainly because I'm a nerdy insomniac who needs something productive to do while the sane world sleeps. I've probably lurked over on FF.Net for over ten years now, but I never really envisioned writing anything of my own until about a year ago. Boredom, when one is looking for a job in a terribly depressed economy, can do strange things. I started dreaming up a plot, tapped out a quick outline, and before I knew it, I had half of a multichaptered procedural finished. Go figure. Since then, my fannish but ADHD muses have bounced over to Star Trek, though I still have plenty of allegiances to a dozen fandoms. I don't limit myself on what I'll read or won't read because of content, but if you read any of my stuff, I tend to latch on to one or two characters in a fandom and write most of my stories surrounding them.

In any case, thanks for stopping by and losing five minutes of your life you're bound to never get back. If you feel like chatting, shoot me a PM. As you can tell, I *hate* talking to people! (See! Sarcasm! Lol.) I hope you all enjoy my insane ramblings, and thank you for reading. I certainly enjoy writing them!

Take care,